Dr Kaity Cama|Testimonials from Clients



Dear Dr. Kaity Cama,
I have downloaded the CD and saved it in wav format and started listening to it on loop since the last two nights while I sleep.
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything :) From helping when my father got a bypass surgery, to sending me home to Calcutta to now helping start and run my business and restart my career. Thank you for everything and helping me through so much and showing me the way. From helping when my father got a bypass surgery, to sending me home to Calcutta to now helping start and run my business and restart my career. Thank you for everything and helping me through so much and showing me the way. :)

Thank you and lots of love. - S.R.


Dear Dr. Kaity Cama,
Hope you are doing wonderful as you are.
Want to thank you for all the guidance and the love, had an amazing feeling of lightness and happiness within minutes after meeting you.
I am in an amazing space of vibrations and awareness. - A.S.


Dear Dr. Kaity Cama,
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done to help me. When I came I did not even realise that many of my problems stemmed from my lack of self-esteem. The hynotheraphy sessions that we did brought me out that and I am more comfortable with myself and my feelings now.
My sessions with you have encouraged me to recommend others to go in for hynotheraphy.
I wish you all the best and once again thank you for your efforts with me and all whom I have sent to you.

Yours truly. - M.S.


I've known Kaity since 2010. I have attended some of her workshops, had a personal consultations with her and have been regularly listening to her CDs ever since. The changes in my life are nothing short of phenomenal; I've moved cities, changed industries left a corporate job, become confident enough to venture out to on my own and, most importantly, have greatly improved my relationship with my parents. The biggest change, however has been with listening to Kaity's CDs, persisting with my meditation, pondering over the ideas she shares in her workshops have opened a new dimension in thinking for me. But let me not spoil the fun for you: meet her in person and see for yourself. - S.R.


I am a music composer who has found significant help with two CD's that Dr Kaity Cama has made for me.
Career and Money CD: As I started hearing this CD, I began feeling extremely positive. Even though Dr. Kaity said it would take 21 days before the impact would show up, within 15 days or regularly hearing the CD, I started getting calls from clients for work pitched. I became positive, my clients became receptive and comfortable with me. This is important as directors/producers like to work with composers who they are comfortable with.
Language Retention CD:I got this CD as I was learning Kannada language which is known to be a very tough one. The effect has been fantastic as I have understood nuances of the language I had ignored earlier. Now I feel confident in speaking the language with friends and being colloquial with taxi drivers in Bengaluru city. I have also found this CD impacts my grasping power in picking up classical pieces on my keyboard/piano by various composers. - L.M.


I've known Dr Kaity Cama since 2000. Since I met her, I have begun to believe in the process of life. Her multiple CD's of stress management, making more money, harmonious relationships and weight loss have helped me tremendously. The CD's are first step to being positive in thought and being able to shrug off any disillusionment that life may hand out and developing a capability to deal with them. Knowing Kaity through her workshops, and also discussions with her has helped me understand simple tenets of life - be it charity or the power of positive thinking. I hope every one of you get a chance to experience her work because it is life-changing experience to get whatever your heart may desire. -- N.D.


Dear Dr. Kaity Cama,
First of all, I would like to begin by thanking you for coming into my life. Ever since I met you and had the hypnotherapy sessions with you my life has changed.
The simple truths of life that were taught by you during our interactions have not only brought joy, peace and prosperity in my life; its also made my life so harmonious that I've seldom seen myself struggle to overcome even huge obstacles that have come my way. What I'm trying to say here is that the biggest of problems that have come my way whether in business or any other sphere of life have been miraculously solved on their own. Be it my business or personal life, I have been much enhanced prosperity and success in both. I thank God for having been introduced to you every time I think of you.
Once again I would like to thank you for helping me live a healthy, happy, prosperous and a stress free life. I wish you all the very best in all endeavors of your life.
Warm Regards. - K.K.


Dr Kaity Cama
After three years of battle with infertility issues and having nothing to lose! We met you and you gave us the CD for Conception and Motherhood. My wife followed all the steps prescribed by you and within few months to my utter amazement we were blessed, wife finally was pregnant! I was amazed ... shocked ... and thrilled. It's really a miracle as your CD has changed my life in more ways than one.

I can thank you enough.... Love - P.B.


Book my speaker.
Attending the workshop of Dr Kaity Cama is a life changing experience. The way she explains each and every aspect of life in the simplest form is just mesmerising. She connects to people of various demographics in a magical way. Her techniques are easy to understand and follow and have brought about a great difference in my life personally. She is very warm, nurturing and truly gifted soul. I am grateful to have met her and attended her workshop. - K.T. Bookmyspeaker


Dr. Kaity Cama is an amazing coach who identifies all your issues from the root and gives a unique solution to resolve. Her methodology of the workshop is very effective and has a lot of empathy and gratitude. Dr. Kaity Cama is a gifted healer who has made lot of difference to man kind. - R.T. Kaizer India