Over 55 years' experience in interacting with clients and patients - children and adults - globally, has shown me that there is a solution to every problem in our daily worldly life. The problem may be a small one or it may be a very big one. It may be related to health, to relationships or career, job and finances. There is always a perfect solution to all these problems.

A medical intuitive, I recognize the truth of the saying "Your biography is your biology". Another saying from very ancient times of India is "If you want to know a person's thoughts, look at their body today, and if you want to know what their body will be in five years' time, examine their thoughts today." In other words, there is a Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment connection which has been seen in every case-study done by me over 50 years. The way we think attracts to us people and circumstances in life which are similar to our mind-set and thoughts. And on this website you will find tools that can help change unhappy or unpleasant circumstances.

I hold 13 different Certificates which include those of Reiki (Traditional Usui) Grand-master, Silva Mind Graduate, a Certificate from Sir Martin Broffman. I am a qualified Clinical hypnotherapist, and I write my own scripts, create my own background music and record my CDs for clients and patients. The CD page will give you an idea of the CDs made.

You can contact me directly through this website by emailing me at kaity@kaitycama.com and all that you have to share with me will remain confidential between you and me.

I wish you joy, I wish you consistent vibrant good health, and I wish you fulfillment of your positive wishes benefitting you and everyone around you in life.

-- Dr. Kaity Cama


Dr. Kaity Cama

email: kaity@kaitycama.com


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